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Mom Who Held Her Maternity Shoot in Target Is Relatable AF
Moms love Target. It's one of the universal truths that binds us together, along with yoga pants and secretly hiding in the bathroom to eat a chocolate bar once in a while so the kids don't see. And one Missouri mom has taken maternal worship of the big red bull's-eye to the next level. Page Miller scooped up daughter Avery, grabbed her photographer friend Heather Pippin of Inspired by a True Story Photography ... and set out for a maternity shoot that is pure mom goals.

"Target really wasn't ready for us you guys. This was so much fun, a creative way to pay homage to all those awesome Target Moms out there. The ones with the messy buns, half empty before you even make it to the back of the store Starbucks cups, toys you aren't really buying and cheese balls to get you through the store. Surprisingly nobody thought we were too weird except Brad, Page's husband who would not be seen with us on this day. haha! It's always a blast to get together with other photogs and bring our creative visions to life. The shoot initially was just an idea that came from me just wanting to do something different and Page (the Mom) really loving Target. She is currently pregnant with her 3rd baby due anytime now. And she does not know the sex until birth! Malin is the baby's name. She is Page's rainbow baby, a few months back Page's 3 month old son Clarke passed away from SIDS. We didn't plan the shoot based off of her being pregnant or baby Clarke but it has turned into a positive way to really show how tough of a Mom Page is."

More photo | Credits: Inspired By A True Story Photography
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