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An inside look at the world's biggest rhino ranch in South Africa.
Hello Ellen and everyone,
My biggest dream is to help my husband succeed with his mission to save rhinos for future generations.

We need some help with the voices from all over the world to change the international law that's killing the rhino. Banning international trade in rhino horn creates the monopoly for illegal traders, where a horn is taken together with a rhino's life. It's time to change the law that's killing rhinos. DONATIONS WON'T SAVE RHINOS. YOUR VOICE WILL!

I hope to reach out to those who love reading, who enjoy life and who love animals.

So, here it is:


My name is Albina Hume. I am Ukrainian, married to a Scottish descendent in South Africa, John Hume, a property developer and the man who bred 1000 rhinos.

From the age of 50 John dedicated his life and finances to breed and protect rhinos for future generations. He is 75 now and currently provides care and security for 1 535 rhinos. This is more than Kenya’s rhino population, paid by one man for their protection!

People often ask me how we met and got married despite our age difference of 36 years? To answer this question it took me 5 years to write a memoir in English, my third language, self-taught 10 years ago.

"Miss Fortune” made a finalist at the Kindle Book Awards 2016. It’s a story of finding love that has action, adventure, danger and romance. A story which may inspire others to live their dreams, not their fears.

One of my dreams is to see "Miss Fortune" turned into a movie, with Michael Douglas and Anne Hathaway in leading roles. To help this dream come true, I am here to ask for your help to reach my goal: 1 535 verified reviews for my memoir.

These amount of reviews would bring attention to those who turn books into movies, which will help our voice for rhinos' future and make our mission successful. I must stress, we receive no donations for saving these archaic animals that survived for 14 millions years.

1 535 REVIEWS/1 535 RHINOS.

If you wish to become a part of ONE DREAM STORY, please :

1. Buy “Miss Fortune” on Amazon. Here's the link-

2. Read the book ( on average- 7 hours of entertainment ).

3. Post your review on Amazon ( only if you read the book!)

4. Ask your friends to join #OneDreamStory

Thank you all for your support! ❤️
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