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“The smile on Cannon’s face when he saw the lake is one that I’ll never forget.”
“The smile on Cannon’s face when he saw the lake is one that I’ll never forget.”

Amy Meiers sent me this story about her son Cannon (who has a rare medical condition) and what her “awesome cousin Jill” did for him.

I’ll let Amy finish the story.
I promise it will put a smile on your face.

Here’s what Amy wrote:

My 9 year-old son Cannon has a very rare (30 reported cases in the world) called Mosaic Trisomy 14.

Because of this has has very low muscle tone which makes it very hard for him to walk long distances.

Here’s where my cousin Jill comes in.

We go camping every year and the whole family goes on a hike to Rock Lake.

It’s a fairly difficult hike.
About 4 miles to the lake with a 1,000 foot incline.

This is a hike that Canon would have never been able to go on if it wasn’t for my cousin.

Jill raised money through GoFundMe and ordered a special backpack that can hold older kids up to 80 pounds.

And she lugged Cannon 8 miles up and back from Rock Lake.

He loved it and I love her even more for wanted to get him up to Rock Lake to experience the beauty that he most likely wouldn’t have ever been able to see.

I’ll never be able to thank her enough.

---Amy Meiers
Cannon’s mom

After the hike Jill posted this.
I thought it was very touching:

On every hike I've ever done when I start to get tired or defeated I've told myself that I hike for the people that can't.

Last weekend I got to take that idea one step further and actually carry someone on my back and literally hike for someone that couldn't.

I've been lucky enough to do some pretty cool things this far in my life, but carrying a 70lb Cannon up to Rock Lake was a whole different level of amazing.


---Jill Andersen


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