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Dude Tumbles Down Stairs And Into Prom Fail History
Getting ready for special occasions can make people’s legs go to jelly and it appears that’s exactly what happened to this guy in this hilarious video.
Austin was making his grand entrance before prom with his stunning girlfriend when the whole thing apparently got too much for him.Instead of the gracious debut they had planned, Austin instead tripped over himself and landed on his bum while making his way down the stairs.
The footage – which we can only assume will haunt him forever – was posted online to Facebook group ‘Love What Matters’ and has already been over 140,000 times.

"Austin and I were trying to make a grand entrance for our family and friends for prom, obviously it didn't go as planned,” Austin girlfriend said in the comments section.

In the video, Austin and his girlfriend can be see at the top of the stairs, smiling as their waiting families cheer them on.
But things go wrong when they go to walk down the stairs together, with Austin losing his step and ending up the butt of everyone’s jokes.

People took to the comments section to relay their own embarrassing date experiences.

“I was getting out of the car at my prom and my heel caught in the curb. I landed in the HUGE plant face down, and came up laughing and very scratched up. Wish we had camera phones back in '76,” one person said.
“I know how he feels. I fell down 14 steps and then 9 days in the hospital. I hope this young man is ok and only his pride was hurt,” another commenter said.

“I did this once when my boyfriend at the time was waiting for me and I came out of my bedroom and tripped and fell over the dogs leash .. I skidded across the floor so hard I ripped my nylons. Literally landed in front on my boyfriends feet,” another person said.

Credits: Terry McManus
788 views Apr 27, 2017

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