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Young Cancer Patient Becca Tells Us What to Do: Be Kind to Someone #BeccaToldMeTo
Young Cancer Patient Becca Tells Us What to Do: Be Kind to Someone
This Dying Girl Started a Kindness Movement That’s Warming the Hearts of Thousands
If you’re looking for a reminder of what a true selflessness is, look no further than teenager Becca Schofield.
Becca’s been fighting cancer for two years.
But earlier this month, she received some devastating news — the cancer has spread and she is beyond treatment.
With several months to a year left on this Earth, Becca put together a bucket list with her family.
While she put together many personal goals such as spending time with her family…
…and traveling, there’s one crowning achievement she sought (and quickly realized!)
She’s asking the world — anyone who will listen — to participate in a “mass act of kindness.”
Becca's Battle with Butterscotch / Rebecca Schofield
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Stormy 250 points
The world needs more little girls like Becca...what a beautiful soul
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Apr 26, 2017
Pattypoo 210 points
Unbelievable what this young woman has accomplished in such a short time wordwide and I mean WORLDWIDE!! The kindness and good deeds are moving faster than a frothing river. She has inspired so many people and it is still going and it will continue even after she has passed. She started the ball and it will keep rolling.
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Apr 27, 2017
CConnors 140 points
Update: Sad news to report that Rebecca Schofield passed away earlier this year. She inspired millions around the world with her kindness campaign. #beccatoldmeto  We, in her hometown, of Riverview NB, Canada are so proud of her, the life she led and the example she set for us all to be better to one another. As a lasting legacy a popular Moncton area playground will be renamed in her honour, The Rebecca Schofield All World Super Play Park. It's an exciting project for the community and we are all working hard to raise funds to make this happen. The vision is to build an accessible playground so that people and children with physical challenges will be able to play alongside everyone else! If you would like to learn more about the project and how you can help please check out this video created by the fundraising committee. Thank you for sharing Rebecca's message! Be kind to another <3
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Nov 26, 2018