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What a Great Job She Did in Helping Him Rise to a New Level of Happiness.
"Well, this wonderful soul turned my son's day around. He was in a real "funk" about his new glasses. One of Drew's cancer meds that he took during treatment requires his eyes to be closely monitored, and his lens prescriptions change frequently. We had just picked his new pair up, and the stronger prescription made him feel woozy and they didn't "feel" like his old ones. He was pretty down and out. On our way home, I decided to make a quick stop to The Home Depot in Mt Pleasant, MI to get some paint for my new chicken coop. A nice woman named Debbie helped me with my selections and asked me if Drew could help her mix the paint. His eyes lit up! He walked around the counter and Debbie showed him how the paint mixing machine works. He watched all the colors pour into the gallon of white paint. 'That is SO cool! Mind BLOWN!' he said.
Then Debbie showed him the paint shaker, and she let him seal the gallon of paint with a rubber mallet. She even offered him a job when he is 18, and said she'd work around his college schedule.Drew said 'OK!'
All the while, I'm smiling from ear to ear and got teary eyed, watching Debbie help turn my son's day around. I thanked her a dozen times over. When he's happy...I'm happy...and she totally made our day. Please share!"
Credits : Leigh Erin
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