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What a Beautiful Thing for Her to Do. The Quilt Is Beautiful.
"Years ago, the first person I came out to was my friend Holly. I will never forget that night (winter- early 2007). I was freaking terrified. She quickly put those fears to rest with a huge hug and an encouraging pep talk. And last night, Holly Harper gave me this quilt. A quilt that she made for me. We've been talking about this quilt for a long time. She made me a deal. For every person that I came out to, she would make a block of a quilt. She started collecting fabric back then and continued to do so over the years. In 2013, she began making the quilt.
These last 365 days have been somewhat of a roller coaster for me. But in the best and worst parts of this past year, these friends were there through every bit of it. To all of you: Thank you! She gave me the final product last night, and in a rare occurrence, I was speechless. Holly- Thank you. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you. The coming out process wasn't easy for me (and isn't easy for most). But having someone like Holly by your side helps."
Credits : Justin Schumann
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