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This Is a Man Who Cares About Education and Kids
"My boss is cooler than yours! My 6th grade math students are learning about volume and calculated how many balloons it would take to fill the principal's office. Then they spent days blowing up balloons and planning this prank.
Using the dimensions of the office, students calculated how many balloons it would take to fill the office. I built a 1 cubic foot box out of rulers and saran wrap so students could understand the idea of one cubic foot. With this, we determined that the box would hold 31 small balloons. Then we used this to determine that 71,000 small balloons would be needed. Students were eager to bring balloons and make it happen!"
Credits: Jennifer Moreau
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Dawnya McNair 170 points
My daughter & I LOVE her school. As a 6th grader she was a little nervous about transitioning to middle school. But she truly enjoys going to school daily & looks for ways to be active, going early and staying laye when she can. Thanks to some AWESOME teachers and their AMAZING principal.
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Mar 27, 2017
jameswhitfield 110 points
Thank you, Dawnya!  We absolutely love serving you guys and we're so thankful that she's having a great year!  Thank you so much for the kind words! :-)