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It Would Be a Wonderful Thing to Be Able to Do This for Our Parents and Elders
"Here it is folks, the moment that I checked off number one from my bucket list! One of the happiest moments of my life..... Surprising my grandparents with a new home! Sharing this moment of love with you all and hoping it touches your heart like it did mine. My grandparents lived almost their entire lives with no electricity or running water. They persevered through hardships and never complained about what they didn't have. They've done so much for so many people and never expect anything in return. This is something that I've been dreaming of doing for a very long time. I am beyond blessed to be able to make something like this happen for two of the most important people in my life. They've sacrificed so much for me and raised me to know that it is always better to give then to receive."
Credits : Kahealani Paradis
617 views Mar 23, 2017

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