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Being Kind Is the Best Kind of Being
"Today was my hair appointment. It's always a bit stressful trying to manage and keep Justan occupied at a time that used to be a few free hours of time for myself.
This day proved to be different.
I changed his clothes and left his hair sticking up everywhere. I wore no makeup since all of the medication I'm taking makes me just wish for sleep. I was actually embarrassed to go anywhere in public.
Into the shop comes a little lady and her husband. He assisted her since she just had hip surgery two weeks ago. Then he sat and waited.
He and Justan struck up a conversation that included farming, gardening, our animals, and spiders. I feared Justan was annoying the man when I noticed one of Justan's shoes was untied. I am ashamed to say that he doesn't yet tie his shoes, so I mentioned it to him. The gentleman told Justan to put his foot up so he could tie his shoe.
I just watched through my tears as this stranger took my son under his wing. His name is Mr. Berlie Philips, and his lovely wife is Vera. He is 90 years young, and the missus is just close to that.
I cried a tissue full at the immediate bond between strangers. A bond between the elderly and the young. A bond that made me miss my grandfather so very much today.
As soon as I was able to compose myself a bit, Sheila Kappelman, had an Easter egg hunt REPEATEDLY with Justan. She then let Justan fix her hair.
I cried the entire way home at the honor of meeting two beautiful people and at a friend who has a beautiful spirit. My day was made, and my heart is full."

Credits: Jennifer Moore Parker
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