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This Mother Have Some Serious Question
All moms out there I have three questions. 1. What are the requirements for your toddler to get into a booster seat? My daughter will be three this coming July and I'm looking into one for her!

2. I'm due to have my second baby in August, I'm nervous I can't explain exactly why. My daughter has made it this far. She's happy, healthy, and so smart. But for some reason I'm terrified I will mess up this time. It's like I forgot everything about when my daughter was a newborn. Is this normal?

And 3. I'm nervous about labor too, I had an epidural last time and I had excruciating headaches for two weeks afterwards which was a result from my epidural. Should I go all natural this time? I can't really be bed ridden for two weeks again with a three year old anda newborn... I wanted to have a water labor, but the hospital I, going to doesn't do them. I would have to have a midwife come into my home.... suggestions for the second time around?
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