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This Will Be the Sweetest Thing You Will Ever See Today
Beck did well for his first day of new meds. He was tired but that could have been anything. He needed a little checkup yesterday for some jaw pain he has been having but it all looked clear. Thank you to our awesome dentist Daniel Tiesworth for taking time with us. :). Yesterday also gave us a new adventure for Beck. A former classmate has a big sister who goes to Midlothian High School. This incredible girl went to her principal and told him about Beckett and asked for permission to bring him to the Prom. Last night she came by with her promposal to ask Beck to go. He of course said yes as music and dancing is his thing. It was just the sweetest! Thank you to her mother Jennifer Lynn for raising such a great kid! And thank you to the whole family for joining our village. It's heartwarming to see Beckett get to do things like this when I worry for his future. It makes the worry easier.
We also got to see old friends last night from Wilmington that we haven't seen in years. And I'll see them again today and get to have some mom time with them too. :)
So now we are getting ready for Puerto Rico. Laundry and packing galore. Also both my license and birth certificate arrived so I'm clear on that end and my fingers are crossed I won't lose them this time.

Credits: Kymmie Kissner Wyatt
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