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This Is an Incredible and Heart Touching Story
"I went to the Pens game last Friday and as I posted on Facebook I had an extra ticket. After not being able to find anyone to go I went to the game by myself. Walking to the game I had a homeless man ask me for money. I told him I didn't have any but if he wanted he could go to the game and get out of the cold for a bit. I introduced myself and he told me his name is Rob. Rob was ecstatic and thought I was kidding. We went in and the whole time he couldn't stop smiling. Once we got to our seats it was time for the National Anthem. Rob took off his hat and sang the whole time. Once the puck dropped he cheered the whole game. During intermission we got chicken tenders. At the end of the game he told me that I made his life. He asked me how he could repay me and I told him just to pay it forward. Just trying to put some positivity on Facebook."
Credits: Jimmy Mains
639 views Mar 10, 2017

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