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You Should Be Proud Mom, You Are Raising Them Right
"Today I took 2 of my kids to the Red Sox spring training with my sons travel ball team, all the kids were super excited to get the autographs of some of their favorite MLB players, my 7 year old daughter included... well she saw this woman in her cami's standing off to the side a little and looked up at me and asked if she could go ask her for her autograph because she was a real hero and baseball players aren't... and of course I said yes!
As she stepped out of line and started walking towards her to ask my eyes filled with tears and my heart was overflowing with joy and I couldn't have been prouder of her. Proud that at 7 years old she knows what a real hero is and not blinded by some famous baseball player... as i was standing there one of the Red Sox players noticed what had happened and walked over and stood next to me, and as I was wiping a tear from my eye he put his arm around my shoulders and said 'you should be proud mom, you are raising them right.'
So if you know this woman, please tell her thank you. Thank you for being a real hero and someone I'm proud for my daughter to look up to, thank you for making my daughters day and thank you for your service! I don't know her name and probably never will but if you know her please tell her thank you for me!"
Credits: Angie Woodburn
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