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This Little 3 Year Old Girl "Charisma" Have a Beautiful Imagination
"This is my niece Charisma. I couldn't be selfish and not share this video with the world! She's only 3 years old. She's not only beautiful but smart... well she's probably the smartest 3 yo I've personally met! Her imagination reaches the sky and her vocabulary is extensive! She's a handful to her parents Lol probably because in her mind she's just as smart as an adult. She really knows how to utilize her words in a sentence and anything can come up when she's in her character role (like in this one Lol)..... She was telling me a scary story yesterday(she made up). She's so detailed it's the cutest darnest thing! I mean it's like a the story comes to life when she says it! Haha! (Wait for it 1:35) the stranger was her coat and hat hanging by her closet when she turned on lights Lol I hope you enjoy and it brightens your Day!!!"

Credits: Hortencia Ramos
1,113 views Feb 13, 2017

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