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Poem To End Racism
Dear Ellen,

My name is Preston Chalmers and I currently reside in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Recently I moved from Richmond, Virginia to Georgia to continue my job as an IT Technician and to pursue my passion which is music. Music has always been a part of my life whether It was rapping, writing, reciting poetry or making my own beats.

My purpose for writing to you is that I would like very much to be a guest on your show. My love of music has taken me in and around the metro Atlanta, Georgia area performing my original works. Because of your love of music, your willingness to showcase new talent, encouraging people to follow their dreams and giving people a platform to express themselves is the reason I am reaching out to you to in hopes of becoming a guest on the "The Ellen Show" As an African-American young man of 24 puts me in a very good position to help make social change in a society. I want people to hear my positive lyrics of change and love in a society filled with racism, bigotry, and bullying.

My work is written under a fictional character by the name of "Blake Michaels," a 16 yr old male who has endured a lot of common social issues that plague our youth and people of all walks of life. With me putting my artistry in this form, I think the younger people will hear and listen with an open heart in mind and hopefully take something positive away from my message.

This is something that I don't think any musical artist has ever created before and I plan on being the first. If I could possibly be a guest on your show, I believe you and your audience will enjoy my performance and the positive message that could reach many people especially your younger fans.

Below I have attached my latest spoken work performance at Dream Cafe' on February 2, 2017 which is a very popular venue in Atlanta. Also, enclosed is my phone number and social media information.

Thank you Ellen and I hope to hear from you and your staff soon. ..


Primary Cell Phone: 804-869-8843
Alt Cell Phone: 804-307-4146
Email: pjkingz93@yahoo.com
Twitter/IG: @blakemichaels93
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