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This Is Beautiful, Loving and Inspring
COPARENTING!! This was my dinner date tonight. My daughter Harper and her dads girlfriend Kristen Skaer. This is the true meaning of putting all feelings aside to do what is best for your children. Seeing another woman in my daughters life was hard for me at first. It was hard for a while. There are still days when it's hard. Kristen and I argue from time to time. But we get over it. Harper deserves every ounce of love she can get and Kristen deserves all the love that Harper has for her. Kristen has stepped up to help care for my child and love my child, she helps teach my child, and she disciplines my child, she cuddles her, she does everything a mom would do when I can not be around. She nurtures her and spoils her and most importantly Kristen LOVES Harper. So thank you Kristen and thank you Matt Chadduck for not only being the best dad and making it so easy to coparent but also for picking a woman to treat Harper right!

Credits: Corinna Lynn
705 views Feb 11, 2017

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