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My Students in China's Ellen Degeneres Inspirational Teacher Video
This is the 2 minute inspirational teacher video from Keith Harris's students in China to Ellen Degeneres. Thank you Ellen for being the spark to help me inspire my students in this project. Ellen, We Love You~~
~Letter to Ellen Degeneres~

Dear Ellen, I have the most amazing students in China. I'm a New Yorker, and San Francisco Bay Area resident who 3 years ago left America to teach English in China. Before 3 years ago I'd never left America but in the last 3 years I’ve managed to travel to 26 different countries and taught English in China and Japan. I've always tried to inspire my students to dream beyond themselves and to show them that It doesn't matter how young or old you are but anyone can make the impossible possible. So I try to live by example and share my stories and successes with my kids in China. So the reason I'm writing you is this:

Christmas of last year, I was about to propose to my girlfriend, when suddenly our relationship came to a halt. I didn't know the reason but I wanted to make one last try to get her back, so I made a movie where I traveled to 8 different cities across China, Korea and Japan to propose to her. It was the first time I made a movie and I had no experience. I didn't know anything about movie making but because I loved her I was able to do something beyond myself and try to make the impossible possible like I always taught my students. October 5th 2016, that short film “8 Steps to I Love You” was nominated and won the award for “Best International Short Film” at the Glendale International Film Festival in Glendale, California and was screened at the Cinematic Arts Film Festival in Los Angeles, California. My first movie.

I always tell my students, when I was a kid I was the shyest boy on New York. My best friend said that I was scared of my own shadow but in the last few years I went from shy boy to learning Chinese, traveling the world, and becoming an award winning director overnight. It's like living a Cinderella fairytale.

So like many people around the world, my students are big fans of your show and in our Wechat group they encouraged me to try get on your show. I was reluctant at first because it's just as impossible as winning a film festival with no experience but then my kids reminded me of my own words, that together we can make the impossible possible. So because of them my students and I made this video for you, to say to you “Ellen we love you.”

My students all know I have aspirations to direct more movies one day but I’m just an English teacher. Still they believe in me and with that my students, Dilmurat who dreams of being an actor in Hollywood, Mewlanmuxter, who wants to be a singer, and Zack, who dreams of being a director like myself and also asked that I personally use his camera to shoot the video all worked together to create this video for you along with my other students and people around the world. I wanted to show my students that you don’t need to have a million dollar movie budget to make a video that matters. If my students are able to see their smiling faces on your show, I will have succeeded in my lesson to them, showing them, not only adults, but even children like themselves and anyone with a dream, can make the impossible possible. Because I dream of directing more movies and because of their belief in me, I’m going to go back to school and show my students that the teacher with a dream can also become a student like themselves and will study film and TV production in L.A. in January 2017. I truly want to show them that no matter what age you are, you’re never too young or too old to chase your dreams. So with that, I present to you this video titled “Ellen, We Love You”. Thank you.
----Keith Orlando Harris’s English Class


而后,在2016年10月5日,我的那部电影《八步之遥 我爱你》获得了加利福尼亚,格伦代尔电影节最佳国际短片奖,并被“电影艺术”电影节提名,在洛杉矶首映。这是我人生中第一次拍电影。



—— 何凯的英语班
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