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Grandma Puts Baby Into Crib And ... Oops!
A grandmother in Huntsville, Alabama, who tried putting a baby to bed has tripped into viral infamy.

Last Friday, Valerie Routh Sharp was putting her granddaughter to sleep in her crib.

Since Sharp is only 5 feet tall, she required a step stool to get up high enough to put the child down.

A baby monitor filmed Sharp falling into the crib head first, never letting go of the baby girl.

Luckily, Sharp, 61, and the baby were OK.

Sharp mentioned her crib flip in passing to daughter, Nikki Sharp Bishop, who thought it might be good entertainment for the baby’s first birthday party that weekend.

“We didn’t get around to seeing it because we were running around like chickens with their heads cut off,” Bishop told . “On Monday, I said to my husband, that video is going to expire soon, we need to watch it.”
Credits: Nikki Sharp Bishop
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