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Honesty Turns 2 || September 1 - October 30 || DAILY VLOGS
*WARNING* LONG vlog! Feel free to watch a few minutes here and there. In this series of vlogs, in September Honesty, our toddler turns 2, we celebrate her birthday just us and her by going to MyGym, then we also go to the FunZone and have Velveeta and cupcakes for supper. The week later we celebrate with everyone and go to the zoo and have a big, fun birthday celebration at home after. In October, we go to the apple orchard to pick apples a couple of times, we also do a fall family photoshoot, I go out for breakfast with my best friend and do a photoshoot of her, we go to Aiden's birthday party and we go to Boo at the Zoo. I'm feeling the effects of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) with trying to get caught up on the vlogs and I experience tons of anxiety over those 31 days with not getting caught up on editing the vlogs. Now I'm actually caught up! I also hang out with my best friend, Matt travels some for work and I spend time with my family. At times I feel easily overwhelmed and then other days I feel happy and grateful. Follow me during the last 60 days of motherhood for me as a mother and wife with ADD, depression and anxiety with the wanting to conquer them and better my life.

Last Vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOFBxN77fLE

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