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Student Surprises Teacher With Pair Of Sneaker He Wanted Since He Was Twelve
For athletes, a good coach is more than just the difference between winning and losing; they become an authority figure in the person's life similar to that of a parent, especially if we're talking about youth sports.

Thomas Walser is the Defensive Coordinator for Lubbock Coronado High School's football team in Texas. He's also an AVID instructor, meaning he creates a positive environment for his students and players and provides support through a strong teacher/student relationship.

Well it seems that he lived up to the standards he set for himself, because this happened:
Student Hector Montez walks in holding a shoebox and places it in front of Coach Walser. He goes into a heartfelt thank you speech and Coach Walser braces for something to jump out of the box.

After assuring him that wasn't the case, Hector tells him that he told him in the past that he always wanted these shoes (Jordans), and that he managed to get Walser to tell him his shoe size at some point in time. Realizing he's been 'conned' out of information, he opens the box and can't believe his eyes.

The gesture is both huge and very personal as the majority of student-teacher relationships end as soon as school is dismissed nowadays because of the stigma attached to reaching out to one's students.

Thomas Walser

Hector Montez
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