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What's really driving the rhino to extinction- the Asian culture or an outdated prohibition?
Hello everyone,

I wrote here at ellennation a few times about the rhino's plight, --thank you very much, Ellen for such an opportunity!!! -- and I write again with a hope that many more voices will join my plight for the rhinos.
My name is Albina Hume. I am Ukrainian, an author, a pro-rhino activist and a proud rhino custodian, living in South Africa, and doing my best to help to save the rhino for future generations.
You have probably heard of the rhino's poaching crisis that we fight in South Africa since late 2008 and how some media and press, and those who trust in media, blame the Asian culture for using rhino horn, claiming that the use of rhino horn leads to the poaching of rhinos.

But how many people are actually aware of the fact that it is very possible to get a rhino's horn without killing the rhino, plus it is completely legal to produce rhino horn where the rhino stays alive and its horn grows back, but due to international prohibitions it is illegal to trade in legally produced horn?!

Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, the media often fails to report about the existence of such a bizarre law, a law that is strongly supported by world's leading governments in partnership with a highly organized 'wildlife' NGOs who actively collect around the world donations on a rhino poaching crisis. You might even be one of the donors who have donated to the rhino's cause...But did your money help the rhino???
Sadly, donations don't help. South Africa is currently losing to poachers 3 rhinos a day and if poaching continues at a such rate, the rhinos are facing the extinction in the wild in mere 4-6 years, if change in the world's rhino politics isn't introduced urgently.

Because of the international prohibition on trade in rhino horn, which been in place since 1977, and due to prohibitions inside South Africa since 2008, demand for rhino horn cannot be supplied legally. So, what's really driving the rhino to extinction- the Asian culture or outdated prohibitions?
And as we are witnessing, knowingly or not, the fact that the ban on trade in rhino horn benefits only criminals, not the rhinos, can we agree that such law shouldn't stay in place?

More info: Facebook- Future4Rhino/ www.albinahume-missfortune.com

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