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Family losing State funding, meant to prevent out of home placement, for their child who has a severe disability
This is the Mission Statement -Children's System of Care in NJ (CSOC) - is committed to providing services based on the needs of the child and family in a family-centered, community-based environment.
This is the reality - CSOC has decided to replace needed funding meant to prevent out of home placement for children with high needs with a program that is meant for children with less needs.
-CSOC is refusing to meet with me to discuss my concerns and avoiding answering important questions regarding changes
-CSOC will be reducing Kentals hours of in home supports and services to only 18 per week - regardless of all documentation and letters they have received supporting Kental's diagnosis and need for the services he has been receiving for the last 6 years to stay the in place
-CSOC continues to not answer my questions and instead refers me to my CMO who tells me there is no longer a system in place to appropriately meet my sons needs
-CSOC avoids my questions and tries to guilt and shame me into excepting what is clearly not an appropriate system for my son... I have been told by a CMO that I need to " GIVE MORE EFFORT "and show the state that I am willing to cooperate, and if I don't like what is offered then I can just get nothing...
-CSOC has told me the reason for Kental receiving less supports is so they can offer services to more children
(more children is a great thing but taking away needed services from other children is not the answer)
-CSOC explained this is due to a money issue
(the out of home placement that my son would require with less in home services is triple the cost)
My family - MORE EFFORT??
-We have taken in 9 foster children
-Adopted a child (Kental) who was with us as a foster child..after he severely regressed and we were told if we did not adopt him he would be immediately placed in a group home and be considered unadoptable
-We are licensed theraputic treatment home parents who take in children who are considered hard to place. Children that if not with us would be in a group home
-We have a family run homeless outreach and serve 100's of individuals each month, children and adults...
-We provide care to the children in our home 24/7
-My husband is a teacher to children with special needs
-My husband and I have a small business that offers mentoring services to children with behavioral and emotional issues
-Our mission is not just one of words but actions... We are giving this 100 % EFFORT... EVERY SECOND OF EVERYDAY.. We are dedicated to children in the system and believe all children deserve a family and a home..We are doing our best and doing our part.... My husband, daughters and I are grateful for the opportunities that have come our way..and grateful for the wonderful people we have met and who have supported us in our efforts...
Kental and all children deserve to live at home with their families, be known in their communities, reach their fullest potential, and families should not be ashamed for their need to function...
Children's System of Care ...PLEASE continue to provide Kental with the services and supports that he has received the last 6 years.. Supports that are appropriate. With less supports Kental will regress, our family will not be able to function and he will need out of home residential placement. You are in a position to do what is right and good... Please put actions to your mission statement and allow the CPEP families and others to receive the supports and services needed... www.facebook.com/kental123/#
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Jennifer Schumm DePa 590 points
Kental is 11 years old now. He has been receiving funding to provide in home supports that are meant to prevent out of home placement and further regression. After 6 years the state has decided to no longer provide this funding,
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Sep 6, 2016