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Louisiana Flood- just keep swimming
My name is Heather Treat. I am 22 and from Lafayette, LA. I attend ULL and am a senior about to graduate! This is a photo taken in my hometown after the floods. I am posting this to not only educate other states, but to spread love and encouragement. Louisiana has barely seen any media coverage about this flood and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the media tends to cover negative things and just so we are all clear, there is nothing negative going on in Louisiana at the moment. Here is what the world doesn't understand: Most of the areas that were flooded were NOT covered by flood insurance BECAUSE they were not flood zones. This is being called the 500 year flood for that reason. We were all shocked when this happened, but what did we do. We put on some rubber boots, took out the boats, and put a pot of gumbo on the stove. We took care of each other and we always will with and without the media coverage. We love one another as a community no matter the religion or race of the people we are helping. People were even risking their lives for animals! No life was too small. I will forever love my state, no matter where this life takes me. I will always love my little city of Laffy. The people here in Louisiana are so kind, loving, and hard working that I just wanted to share this photo to encourage and inspire love, no matter what. In a world full of hate and division; this photo speaks volumes. So, a message to Louisiana and anyone anywhere going through hell..... " Just keep swimming". I love yall!
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