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Dogs and Cats deserve homes Gov Cuomo Stop the ban on pets
Stop the ban on pets in housing
Goal was made for the week , Now its 2500. It will take time but it will happen. Thank you to all. This will save so many,
I need signatures and shares to make 2500. Hopefully I can get it done I need all the help I can get.
2034 signs. We are getting to our goal.. Please continue to show support this will help and enrich so many lives. Plus it will save so many homeless Dogs and Cats. You don't need to be in NY to support. Lets hope it goes nationwide. Please help. It makes sense . We need to watch out for God's creatures. . Thank you all I appreciate each of the signatures and shares . Thank you let their voices be heard just 466 short of 2500 help us reach that goal. 25k is the number to reach
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joeyb4u2 890 points

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joeyb4u2 890 points
Signatures needed, this will save so many lives responsible should have a choice.  Animals need a voice.  You don't need to be in NY to support. Hopefully it will nationwide
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Jul 12, 2016