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Romantic Surprise Marriage Proposal at Navy Ball
On October 9, 2015 I proposed to my girlfriend of two years Faye Marie at the Navy Ball in Atlantic City, NJ. I set it up so that the first raffle drawing of the night would be her ticket number. The video starts shortly after her raffle ticket number was called. The box contained a bunch of Navy Wife items including a stuffed bear, necklace, tee shirts, coffee mug, & plaque among other items.

The proposal took her by complete surprise, but in addition I invited her parents (whom she hadn't seen in months) to come out to NJ from OH to witness the event. Her reaction when she sees them is priceless.

We are now looking forward to our wedding: April 16, 2016

Her Take:
On October 9, 2015 Jeffrey and I attended the Navy Ball at Caesar's Palace in Atlantic City. The whole day he was so antsy but I brushed it off. He's always fairly nervous before big events! When we got to Caesar's to check in, we were told that our room was not yet available, but that we could wait in the lobby and they'd text us when the room was available. That was fine with me but for some reason unacceptable to him. I was so embarrassed with how frustrated he was getting with the front desk!
When we finally got to our room maybe 20 minutes later, he complained how he did not like this room (which overlooked the hotel's busy courtyard). I offered to return to the lobby to request a different room since he wasn't pleased, but he told me it was fine.
As I'm getting ready for the evening he hands me a box which contained a beautiful bracelet that my parents had sent to him to surprise me to wear with my ball gown. I was so excited and called my mom immediately. Soon as I get on the phone with her, Jeffrey decides all of a sudden he wants to watch TV and turns the volume up so loud. OMG WHY IS HE BEING SO RUDE TONIGHT!? I wondered to myself. But again I shrugged it off.
After dinner, they announced that they would begin announcing the winning raffle numbers for the various door prizes. The first prize of the night so happened to be my raffle ticket. I'm shy so I reluctantly walked center stage with Jeffrey. We began opening the box together, and he pulled out the first item inside the mystery box. An over-sized teddy bear. The next item he pulled out to give to me was a T-Shirt that read "Proud Navy Wife." My initial reaction was confusion Why would they have such a specific shirt as a raffle prize? What if a man won?! So risky!
I turned around to show the shirt to the crowd, and when I turned back around Jeffrey was down on his knee, ring in hand. I could not believe it! The best part is after saying "Yes!" and embracing, he whispered in my ear that someone wants to say Hi. I turned around and right in front of me stood my Dad and Mom, clapping their hands and of course filming.
Jeffrey successfully pulled off the proposal of a lifetime!
What's funny is his master plan was almost foiled! Turns out he was upset that we couldn't check in because my parents were roaming the Casino and we could have ran into them at any moment! The BEST PART? The Hotel made a huge goof. When he made our reservation he requested that our room and my parents' room be put far apart from one another...however they put my parents RIGHT NEXT DOOR! The reason he turned the TV on so loud when I called my mom? He could hear her talking through the walls, and was afraid I would hear her too!
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