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More of our Man on a mission to change lives, Community Police Officer Tommy Norman, North Little Rock PD
Community Policing at it's best, Officer Tommy Norman of the North Little Rock Police Department has connected with his neighborhoods like no other. He is teaching these children and adults that it's about caring and doing good for others that is what is important. He carries snacks, toys, clothes and school supplies in his trunk and meets the kids at their bus stops every morning. He goes to the neighborhoods during his work day, on his days off and after work, just to sit and talk with them and shoot afew hoops, or check on them to make sure everything is ok. He has touched the lives of children, adults, developmentally disabled, so many people. His "beat" is in a very impoverished area of North Little Rock, he posts tons of pictures and videos daily on IG (#tnorman23), and on FB, and always with the #BeKindToOthers, #changelives and #staycommitted . He has hundreds of followers, and many who send donations and I know that any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
My hope is that you, Ellen, could highlight him somehow and help fill his trunk. Or
even have him on your show, or surprise him at his precinct....now that would be truly amazing. The video I shared is one with all the kids who run to greet him everyday,
but scroll through his FB page or his IG page and you'll fall in love. There's Tim Tim
the little 3 year old who only wants police stuff, there are so many grateful children with amazing manners, there's the little pop tart thief that escapes from the police car and Officer Norman gives chase with the children all yelling him on, there are the two incredible young men with Cerebral Palsy who he surprises with t-shirts, the older couple Debra and Jay who bring him coffee, and moody Lois who he never gives up on trying to make her day. And just one of my many favorites, Officer Norman going on the slip and slide...in his uniform.
Thank you for your consideration in the support of this incredible young man.
Sydney Bianchi, aka tularoo1 on IG.
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