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Bruno Mars 'makes' Mom Cry
This is my mom's reaction to Bruno Mars Superbowl Half-time show.
Backstory: My mom is a BIG fan of Bruno, and bought tickets for the both of us to attend his show. There was only ONE problem...she wrote the wrong date in her planner. On the "day of the concert", we woke up excited—we couldn't wait to see Bruno. I happen to go on Twitter, and to my confusion, I see a tweet that he posted, saying "Philly had a great time last night..." I thought (and hoped) that perhaps he was performing two nights in Philly. Nope! We missed the concert because of my mom's simple mistake. Ellen, I have known my mom for 24 and a half years (all my life), I have never seen her cry so hard before in her life. The boo-hoo Oprah Winfrey "Ugly Cry!" She berated herself, saying that she was getting old and stupid! Again, I have never seen my mom act in such a way. She was so upset that I couldn't even be mad at her. LONG STORY SHORT, when Bruno performed at the Halftime show, we watched his performance as if we were actually there, front row and center. Ellen, I love my mom dearly, as I'm sure you can probably guess from this video. She is my best friend in every way. It would surely make her day if you could somehow introduce her to Bruno Mars, or simply make sure that he knows he has a true fan in her. My mom has been there for me through all my surgeries, physical therapies, bad hair days,etc. She's always been there. If you could help me do this for her, it would be the greatest gift ever.
Yours truly,
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