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Elf on the Shelf Goes Horribly Wrong
Jamison is 3 years old and is our first child. For the past few years, have been so anxious to start our own family traditions during the holidays. Last year, she would not get within 20 yards of Santa Clause and said she did not want him in her home, regardless if he's bringing gifts. That Christmas morning, I told her Santa brought her presents and she wouldn't come out of her room to play with them. We thought this would pass over the next year with her getting older. We went to the mall and she actually waved at Santa. With a little glimmer of hope, I decided to "ask Santa" to send an elf to our house. To me, this was a win win situation because she wouldn't misbehave and she would be excited to know an actual elf was coming to her house to deliver reports back to Santa. The UPS driver arrived with a "special gift" from the (as Jamison calls it, the North Hole). I read her the book and this is her response. Afterward, my mother-in-law, has to remove the elf from our home (with Jamison as a witness) and put in her car to ship back to Santa. I don't know where to go from here...
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