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please hear my story for Jaiz adoption
Hello my name is Elizabeth I'm writing to you because I need you're help. 6 years ago a women gave me a child to babysit and she said she was coming back to get her, but she never did. I didn't have option but to call dyfs when they came they wanted to remove the child cause I wasn't related they said the only way I can have her if I file for custody. I went to the court asap to apply cause my heart was already torn if I loose this child. the courts gave me a date to get custody thank God on the day of court mother appeared and signed custody to me she said it was temporary. But its been 6 years I haven't heard from the mother and Jaiz (child) calls me moomy and it breaks my heart cause she asking question like mommy was I in your belly? and mommy why my last name not the same as my sisters? it breaks my heart cause i do not know what to say to a 5 year old about her questions, i also would like to add Jaiz has been diagnose with different conditions due to her mothers drug abuse ive been dealing with her disability since i had her she has reactive attachment disorder, ocd, odd, and he is also diagnose with hep c I'm writing to you because i truly need youre help in getting her story out there i really would love to get this adoption going i just do not have the funds to proceed with it, my daughter deserves to have my last name she is my angel that God choose me to care for her. Thank you
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