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This is Mary's Story:

How do I begin to tell her story without shedding many tears and how it all began...If I write to much its because I need you all to know how much she had endured in her life.

Here it goes.
Well first her story starts off with me being born with Spinal Bifida, then at 6 months old had to have an operation to fix her spine. After the surgery she was given 50-50 chance of living and at that time her parents still havent named her...But her mom had a vision that she should be named Mary after the virgin Mary..She told the nurses this and was told by the doctors that if her head swells up she will not make it...Her head did swell up but with the grace of GOD she made it. after 3 years the war in Lebanon started...She barely had a childhood..They hid from bomb shelters to bomb shelters until the moment their house was bombed and they were in it and her mom got hurt but was ok and they were saved...Their dad had enough and they immigrated to Canada so they can have a better life.

She met my partner later in life and things were great..they had their son and then their daughter and life went down hill after that…..the abuse started and kids witnessed all of it. After leaving him, the healing process started.

In 2010 life was going Ok for her and her kids... until in 2011 she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer Stage 1 and was told she needed to have a lumpectomy and a month of radiation. She was beyond devastated and her life was shattered and she thought how can this be, she doesnt smoke, she doesnt drink...She questioned everything and no history in her family. She was afraid her kids would loose their only soul supporter and their mommy.

After her surgery and treatments, she always followed up with her oncologist every 6 months and she was put on meds for 5 years...She graduated to a year of cancer free and her oncologist was happy and said since you cleared a year now your follow up will be every year only …… and she was praying and hoping she can make it to 5years… so she was happy things were going well until she started having stomach and bowel issues..she saw a specialist and had a colonoscopy done and found out due to her Spinal Bifida, she now has IBS and has to deal with that on a daily basis...which at time has made her become dependent on using Depends if she is having a very bad day with her stomach. and on top of that she started having bladder issues and has also become dependent on using catheters.. ...She started becoming sad, angry and depressed. She lost her job because of this sickness because she was beyond embarresed to let her employees know.….

this brings us to the year 2015...She was excited that she will be celebrating in August 4 years of being cancer free and they say if you can pass 5 years and it will be fine after that...well lets just say it wasnt. At the end of may she goes in for her routine mammogram alone...they tell her to wait ..after 2 min the radialogist calls her back and says we need to do an ultrasound..she was so nervous ...after the ultrasound the radiologist knelt down and told her you know why Im here and she said ya and she bawled crying...she told her we have to do a biopsy to find out what kind..and right on the spot they were gonna do it..biopsy was done and a week later she was told to come back..a week later she was told she have cancer again same breast and same area..and they had to find out wether its a new cancer or re accuring cancer...which mean it was already there from before..All she could think of is her children.

So test results came back that its reaccuring cancer that was there from 2011 and with time it grew so because she has alredy done treatment on that area, radiation and chemo will not work, she will require a Double Mastectomy..and they have to check her lypmh nodes that it has not spread. As a women she felt how can she loose her breast and look like a men...how can this be. But she had no other option. So surgery was set for June 11, 2015

Surgery was done, and healing process started...6 weeks healing and accepting that this is who she is now ...and then she goes for her follow up with her oncologist and was told another devastating news...that her meds that she was taking for 4 years were not working and that her estrogen levels are beyond the limit they should be and this is why the cancer had come back ...and if we dont take precautions and have a full hysterctomy your cancer can come back again..The word cancer is everywhere and thats all she hears now...so she was told another surgery...again her life was shattered..how can she and the kids handle it again..

So surgery was set for October 20, 2015 and it went well but lot of pain and lots of meds and again 6 weeks recovery..and kids again cant be held by their mom, cant take care of them, cant expalin to them why she is hurting and have to hide the hurt from them...

So within 5 months span she has had 2 major surgeries..and she feels shattered.

So basically over all she is the type of person that wont ask for her help because she feels humilated and ashamed, and this where I step in as her friend asking all you to help this single mom of two to get back on her feet. I dont want anyone to think less of her because she is not working or I am asking for help on her behalf...this is not her choosing...she is having beyond a hard time...Her body is trying to heal itself from all that she has been through and this is my last resort to help my dear friend Mary... She feels being drained and pulled to the ground and she would rather drain alone then to see her kids go down like this..All she cares about is the well being of her children.

Your help is so greatly appreciated.



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