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Team Iron Aiden
Team Iron Aiden is a non-profit organization in honor of our son,Aiden. We provide care packages to children at our local children's hospital-Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus Ohio-that are recovering from open heart surgery or spina bifida related surgeries.

If your child is a patient at Nationwide Children's Hospital and is having open heart surgery or has Spina Bifida and is hospitalized for a surgical procedure email us at Kayla@teamironaiden.com and request a care package for your child including their name and room number. A volunteer will deliver the care package to your child!

We provide care packages to children with congenital heart defects and spina bifida because these are the medical conditions Aiden was born with. Aiden was born in July 2011 with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, tetralogy of fallot, and spina bifida/hydrocephalus/chiari ll malformation. He has had surgery to repair his spinal lesion, 8 brain surgeries, g-tube and hernia repair, nissen fundoplication, tracheostomy, and open heart surgery. Aiden is currently trached and ventilator dependent. You can read Aiden's full story on his blog: www.journeywithaiden.com

Team Iron Aiden also provides toys to children at Nationwide Children's Hospital for special occasions when funds are available. Our first donation was to NCH NICU where Aiden spent the first 6 weeks of his life. We donated bouncy chairs, swings, mirrors, and crib mobiles for the babies in the NICU. We also did a Team Iron Aiden Christmas Toy Drive and this year (Christmas 2012) we were able to provide gifts for all of the children on the cardiac floor, neurosciences floor, pulmonary floor, general surgery floor, and burn unit floor. We plan on doing the toy drive every year for children hospitalized at Christmas time.

We sell Team Iron Aiden merchandise (shirts, bracelets, necklaces, and wristbands) and have fundraisers throughout the year to provide these care packages. If you would like to purchase merchandise or make a donation you can do so at www.teamironaiden.com

Thank you so much for following Aiden's journey and helping us raise awareness!!!

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Iron Aiden has helped so much. As a mother who has been given something through this, it brighten's my day and my sons. We have gotten gift cards during long hospital stays for gas, nch gift card which i can get starbucks coffee throughband ice cream. Kayla is amazing. Thank you Aiden from all of us at h8b
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Oct 4, 2015