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For the sake of rhino.
22 of September is the World Rhino Day.
You've probably heard about the rhino poaching crisis that we battle in South Africa. As a pro-rhino activist and the wife of a rhino breeder, I plead to all animal lovers to help spread the word about peaceful solution to the crisis. I strongly believe that the sooner the trade in rhino horn - where rhino stays alive - is legalized, the less rhinos will get poached for their horns.
Eventually, legalized trade from harvested horn that grows back would kill illegal trade, that's killing the rhino.
Believe in a better future- Support legalization of trade in horn- Help save rhinos from extinction.
Happy people can save the rhino!
Thank you,
- Albina Hume, Ukrainian author of memoir Miss Fortune.
To learn more of my voice for rhinos' future, please visit: www.facebook.com/future4R
or www.albinahume-missfortune.com
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