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Gilly The Great
My son Gilbert was born with tricupsid atresia he has had four open heart surgeries and over two dozen procedures done. We are here at Texas Children Hospital in Houston. Gilly has not seen the sun and been outside in almost six months. The doctors here are saying that due to a fungal infection they will not be able to do any more heart surgeries due to the infection even if he gets rid of it they said they still wont because it would be to "risky" so they are saying he is pretty much incompatible with life. His heart is only working at not even ten percent now due to the infection growing on his mitral valve that they had just tried to fix. They said they don't know how long he has its all up to him. I have been trying to get third, fourth, and fifth opinions but we would have to go to Boston if they would do the surgeries there but the insurance will not pay for him to go there. I hate that I have to make an account for this I wish I did not have to but medical expenses and having to be here in Houston far away from home and possibly have to go to Boston is way out of my grasp of cash. Me and dad are not able to work at the moment because we have to be here at every moment cause even though he looks good internally he is very sick and can go at any moment. So please if you can help with anything a dollar, five dollars, or even just by sharing Gilbert's page me & Gilbert & our family would very much greatly appreciate it. And one last request please keep Gilly & his doctors & nurses in your prayers!

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To a very brave little boy and devoted parents and family! Love and prayers always!
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Sep 21, 2015