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Healing For Alexis
Hello I am Jennifer, Alexis Slater's Mother; Alexis is my Unique Beauty. She has NEVER had any health issues & cancer is NOT in our family history.

Her knee started hurting in Nov 2012, I took her to doctor after doctor, we heard
everything from, she's just growing, to her patella is off track. Our 5th doctor visit
Feb 1st 2013 an MRI was ordered, her insurance would not pay for it, I was LIVID and could NOT believe this was happening! I found another Dr. who put in a 2nd order for an MRI, it was finally done March 7th. The results were life changing, a mass was growing aggressively in my baby's knee. A 2nd MRI was ordered to see if the rest of her body was OK, Insurance denied that 1 as well; Oh My Gosh, I was not giving up!!! NOW THE WHOLE WHILE THEY ARE DENYING HER MRI's, THE TUMOR IS GROWING FAST!!!
I called everywhere & finally it was approved & completed on March 15th. After
the Dr's discussed both MRI's they said it looked like OSTEOSARCOMA, only in
her right knee & femur. I researched it & cried for days!!
We were sent to Atlanta for a biopsy, it confirmed that the Dr's were correct. On
March 25th 2013 Our lives & future plans have changed!!!

April 2nd she had her 1st Chemo, as of today April 18th, she's doing very well,
her hair has started coming out, but the pain she had everyday for 5months is
now gone Thanks to Christy Powell @ Children's Healthcare Of Atlanta who
took her off of hydrocodone & put a pain patch on her :-) She will have chemo for the next 9 months.

From the beginning she's been extremely optimistic (she's Great) I am the
emotional 1! Her meds keep her asleep but when she's awake she's on her
Ipad (A gift from TEAM SUMMER) checking to see what's going on with MINDLESS BEHAVIOR or reading
Word up magazine with them on the cover She's a DIE HARD FAN,
she also loves SEVENTEEN magazine. Alexis is a teen of a different breed.
She HATES bullies, she has always been an A/B student, she LOVES ROTC,
she's respectable & considerate and is adamant about staying a virgin until she
gets married. She is an incredible singer & dancer and wants to pursue either
of those as well as modeling.

GOD has a plan for my talented baby, he chose this path & we don't know
why but in time ALL WILL BE REVEALED!!!

I had to stop working in NOV 2013 to take care of Lexi, it's just HER & I with
ZERO income. Jane Wilson a teacher at Lexi's school has collected money from other teachers to pay our monthly bills & Robin Cook (Jonathan's Ark), Cindy Arnold & Cindy Gaskin (Jay's Hope) as well as new FB friends have donated Gas Cards to make the 2hr drive to atlanta, which we've made so frequently that I have
lost count.

UPDATE--As of today 11 Aug, 2013> Lexi had a birthday last month she is now 17..My baby has had the tumor removed from her knee, she now has a Titanium Knee, pictures have been posted. She's progressing very well, PT is hard but she's pushing thru like a champ. We have 4 more months of Chemo then my baby can go back to being a teen well she'll be an "Iron Teen' now with her new knee. JESUS THANK YOU AND PLEASE CONTINUE TO PROVIDE US WITH WHAT WE NEED ♥

Oct 1, 2013> WE HAVE 8 WEEKS OF CHEMO LEFT :-)

OCT. 22, 2013> A month ago, Lexi had a deep feeling in her Soul, that she did not need anymore chemo, she did however receive 2 more "to be on the safe side" doses. Protocol was for her to have 9 months of chemo, her cat scan & other tests were done yesterday the 22nd Oct, They revealed that MY BABY IS CANCER FREE, 2 months ahead of scheduled time :-) I have ALWAYS believed that 1 protocol does NOT or rather should NOT apply to all!!!

UPDATE-- Today is March 19, 2014> We are approaching a year since diagnosis. Lexi is doing very well healthwise, her Titanium Knee is still not bending properly so she still attends PT regularly. Her hair is coming in nicely (I posted pics), she's almost at the weight she was before chemo & she graduates from HS in 2mths. I am HAPPY ♥ GOD IS GOOD ♥

UPDATE-- Aug 12th 2014> 10mths cancer FREE & a High school Graduate, she has to postpone college until her Titanium Knee bends, we saw a Dr. yesterday who says its possible to do another surgery, my next update will be about THAT. I want to Thank 1 particular person who has been with us from the beginning & has not left us because the cancer is gone..ROBIN COOK, OUR LIFESAVER ♥ She is the ONLY 1 that stayed :-)


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