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Elfie and Gimli - The Adorable Dwarf Cats
Elfie & Gimli are 2 kitty siblings with dwarfism rescued from a shelter. They reside in BC, Canada and their goal is to promote animal rescue and adoption!

Elfie & Gimli were brought to a shelter, along with their normally proportioned mother, due to their delayed mental and physical development. There were 5 kittens in the litter, 3 of which were normal, but it was thought that these two had been oxygen deprived and were not able to be safely rehomed. Luckily for Elfie and Gimli they ended up in a shelter where staff members were familiar with dwarfism in cats. The woman who handled their surrender had a 'love at first sight' moment and that day became their foster mom. A month and a half later she became their forever mom and they now live happily with two dogs, two cats, and their loving mom & dad. Although their future is unknown with probable medical issues and shortened lifespans, they are healthy now and extremely loved by everyone who meets them.

Elfie & Gimli's mother Elsie was also adopted to a wonderful home.

Elfie & Gimli's goal is to promote adoption. While adopting from shelters is becoming more and more popular, it is still more common for people in North America to get pets from other sources, such as a breeder, backyard breeder, Kijiji or Craigslist. Elfie & Gimli, along with their 4 furry siblings, were all adopted from shelters in Canada and the USA, and hope that you will consider adoption for your next family member!

A common misconception is that Elfie & Gimli are "munchkins" and were the result of purposely breeding two munchkin cats. Elfie & Gimli were born to a normally proportioned mother and an unknown father, the litter was not planned and Elfie & Gimli were not purchased from a breeder, but rescued from a shelter.

Elfie & Gimli do NOT promote breeding of munchkin cats who have numerous health issues and shortened lifespans. Please be responsible and do your research before adding any animal to your home!
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