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Ella's Heart of Gold. She needs our help!
Ella needs all of our help. Most of you know how passionate she is about doing anything she can to help her friend Paisley who has Niemann–Pick Disease. Most of you also know how much she loves volleyball. This year she knew that Paisley and her family needed funds to help cover the cost of the motorcycle that was built to be auctioned off to raise money for her medical needs. Ella came to me and asked if she could donate her Volleyball money this year to Paisley instead. As much as she loves volleyball, this wasn't even a question to consider in her sweet little heart. When Ella wasn't at the 1st night of tryouts her coach called me and asked where she was. I told him the story and he told me to get that girl to try-outs and that we would work out the $$$$ later!!!! Ethos has come up with a few fundraisers to help out. The Serve-a-thon is this Saturday and she is super excited about this one. This is how it works- It works similar to having people sponsor a walk-a-thon or something like that. Simply go out and ask neighbors, teachers, friends, co-workers to sponsor you for every serve that you get in the court out of a 100. Average donations are 10-25 cents per serve. On January 10th, bring your pledge sheets to the facility and serve your 100 serves while we keep track of serves. Afterwards you simply go collect the money from your donors – it’s that simple. A lot of donors will probably just give you a straight donation, which makes it even easier. The last couple of times we have done this fundraiser, kids have raised $100-$200 easily. Ella has been practicing her serves and hopes to get several friends to support her in this. If you would like to help Ella please comment below with what you would like to donate per serve or Flat donation amount. I will copy everyone's info to a master sheet that she can take with her on Saturday. I will take some pictures and post her number of serves she gets in on Saturday afternoon. Thank you all so much for supporting my sweet girl supporting her friend. Love you all, Robyn & Ella
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Brandi Leighe Counte 150 points
Ella has went out of her way to help people so much.  Earlier last year she set up a lemonade stand to help raise money Paisley.  While most kids her age are playing, Ella is busy thinking of ways to help.  Love this sweet girl! #heartofgold #prayersforpaisley
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Jan 8, 2015