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Hello World,
My name is Juddy Ferguson and I am the author of ‘I Once Was a Nice Guy,’ which is basically the unraveling of my disastrous and humorous love life. If you have read my novel, you know that I have struggled with depression. It wasn’t until I released my personal life to the world in the form of a book did I feel I was fighting back against it and becoming happy again. At the same time, I wanted to help those who struggle with it and with love in general. Then I began writing. After two long years, support from family & friends, I was finally able to self publish the novel on my own in Nov 2014. Once the book was released I quickly realized that promoting it would be an entirely different animal, especially when I had spent all of my savings to get the book lifted off the ground. To help the book succeed, I wanted to reach out to someone who I admired and looked up to in order to share my story. Someone who may have had a similar path as I did, and immediately, Ellen DeGeneres came to mind. Ellen began her career with standup comedy. She appeared on Johnny Carson and she was so impressive on stage, that Carson invited her to have a one on one chat afterwards. Ellen was the first female comedian invited by the host to join him for such a discussion. I began my entertainment career with standup comedy as well back in 2010. After three years of performing, my funny & crazy ex-girlfriend stories evolved into writing a comedic novel about my love life. I then began to think of ways to contact Ellen. I started submitting my story on her website about two times a day for weeks. I then started uploading funny pictures about my dating life to Ellen nation.com. I sent books addressed to Ellen, her studio staff, manager, agent & producers. For months, I didn’t have any luck so I decided to send her edible gifts. I sent her multiple edible arrangements with balloons, fresh veggie pizzas, and cookie cakes, trying to get her attention. Yet again, still no luck. Then one day I was able to get into contact with an agent who books guests to the Ellen Show and she blew me off and said, “you either need a lot of money, or you need to be celebrity.” Well that counts me out, so I began to think outside the box. I needed a unique way to catch the attention of Ellen DeGeneres. I needed something with a humorous tone with a small dash of shock value. Then one day the vision came to me, but I knew it would take hard work and dedication. Although this was for Ellen, so I was going all the way. In order to prepare my body for this project I was going to undertake, I hired my good friend Jahanna who is a well-respected personal trainer. I had no idea what I was in for. Jahanna began to put me through the toughest physically training I had ever experienced. I was training with her 2x per week with high intensity set and on my own 5x per week of heavy lifting for five solid months. There were days where I wanted to quit and throw in the towel, but I knew I had to keep going. I also had a strict diet routine, which was basically leaves, tuna chicken & protein shakes. So many times I wanted to stop everything and devour a pizza or an old fashioned PB & J, but I kept going. About halfway through the five-month stretch my mind & body were being pushed to its limits and I felt that I was going to hit a brick wall sooner or later. With the support and love from my family, my friends, and the guidance of my trainer, I pushed on so that I could finally complete my vision of what I called, “The Ellen Project.” I will finally be able to release it Sep 7th, the Fall premiere of The Ellen Show season 12! I hope it makes people laugh and most of all, grabs the attention of Ellen DeGeneres. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this project and to all my friends for continuing to support me and my novel! Love you ALL! -Juddy #HelpEllenFindJuddy www.juddyferguson.com
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