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Future 4 Rhino.
Rhinos are under threat of extinction due to the international law which bans trade in horn for the past 37 years. Such prohibition have created conditions for illegal trade in horn, where horn is taken together with a rhino's life.
To change rhinos' future, some activists took on responsibility to stand against the current law to help save species for future generations. One of them is my husband, John Hume, a property developer and a rhino breeder who sold his holiday resorts in order to get funds for protecting and breeding rhinos. Currently we are taking care of 1153 rhinos, where over 500 rhinos were born on our private ranch in the past 6 years.
As a pro-rhino activists as well as the rhino owners, we believe in saving rhino's life, not the horn, because horn grows back!
To help rhinos on this planet we advocate for a legalized trade in horn, where horn is harvested and the rhino stays alive. New law will create a peaceful solutions to the rhino crisis, where African communities would be motivated to save the rhino by legally trading with horn and live in harmony with their natural heritage.
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