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My friend Robin Croft rescued this dog from a horrible fate, then my friends at SAAP took her in as a foster. I know some pretty awesome people.

This is the story, as told by Robin.
"Somewhere in some house, a puppy was born. It happens a lot. One of these pups moved across the street from me. I saw her as a pup, only because one of my dogs made a barking effort to point her out to me. She was a pretty little girl and very friendly. That was months ago.

I went about life as best as I could. I was sorely depressed as things weren't working out as I planned. I paid no attention.

Another month goes by, and still....I paid no attention.

I had a job interview last weekend. Normally, I try to spend weekends with my hubby who's job transferred him to Columbus, but on this particular weekend, I had an interview and stayed home. I bought some beer and was planning on a quiet evening.

About three beers into my quiet evening I got a phone call. My neighbor was asking if I had a moment to stop over. She knew I was in an animal rescue, and wanted to discuss some things with me. I grab my beer and head on over.

I am sitting on her couch as she tells me she is concerned about the puppy across the street from me. She claims that her grandson told her that the dog's owner had thrown her and hurt her leg, and the dog has been unable to walk since. She continues on with the story, but I am not listening anymore.

I am observing said neighbor come out of his house holding that pup I met a few months back by the scruff of her neck. I watched him walk up his driveway and throw a limp body onto a pile of trash. I don't like these neighbors, they scare me. I ignore them. I do not know what came over me, but I busted through my neighbor's door, screaming "Is that dog dead?"

He told me she was not. I continued on to her body laying on all that trash. She was not dead. But very close to it. I screamed again "Can I take her?" He said yes.

The very moment I screamed at him, I yanked her quickly from that pile of rubbish. She freaked out for a moment and bit my left hand. It wasn't serious. God knows the poor girl had no strength to really hurt me, but me screaming at her owner scared her. Shortly after, she went unconscious and limp. I ran down that driveway with every cell of my body in panic mode. She is barely breathing.

My neighbor, who had initially called me over had her car ready, and off we sped to get this poor girl to my vet. It was only about 3:30 pm on a Saturday so I had no qualms about them being there. But...they were closed, I hopped out of the car anyway to peek in the windows and pound on the doors, hoping someone would be there. No one answered. I ran back to the car. Dread filled me as this is Easter weekend, and I had no clue where to go next. I snapped a pic of her laying in the passenger seat I left her in.

It was at this point that I reached out to my facebook page. I had no clue where to go that would be open, and time was of the essence. Within seconds a friend told me about Grady's veterinary, open 24 hours. I asked how to get there, as I'm an idiot getting around this city still, and got the reply. Off to Grady's we go.

I go rushing into this place with an unconscious dog in my arms screaming emergency!! Emergency!! They quickly take her from my arms and run her to the back.

They want money up front to treat her. I don't have it. I could get it Monday, but this is Saturday. They wanted over 600 dollars to start treatment to save her life. I didn't have it. At this point I'm gettins a lot of queries on how this ended up on my facebook page. I told everyone that she needed money to start her treatment and I didn't have it. I begged and pleaded for help. The vet came out and told me to just put her down. She is too far gone.

But then the phone rang. The receptionist said it was for me. I answered it. An old co-worker who I barely got along with wanted to pay 100 bucks. Always liked her, but we didn't get along so well usually. We bumped heads a lot, but I believe overall respected each other. I gave the phone to the receptionist to continue the payment process.

And then....miracle of miracles...all lines started burning up. Poor receptionist had to start putting people on hold. Money started pooring in. And honestly before I could even think straight, one of my rescue friends from Stray Animal adoption program showed up and donated, but most importantly gave me that hug I needed so desperately. Within a half hour, another friend, Rayna, showed up and paid the balance to get things rolling for this poor pup.

Michelle, Rayna, my neighbor and I spent some tears in that lobby. We listened to that poor receptionist taking down credit card payments. Every phone that rang, it seemed to be for our pup. It was a miracle, on Easter Eve. Every time that phone rang, it was another chance for this pup. I was going to call her Easter. But the friend that directed me to the one vet that was closest to me and open, dubbed her Miracle. She also started a gofundme account for our puppy. She thought she should be called Miracle. She was right...Miracle she was from start to finish.

After initial treatment was started and I went home for the evening, I woke up to a beautiful red streak coming from the bite I receved the day before. I recall saying a few choice words I will not repeat here. I jumped into the shower and went off to see the pup.

The vet saw my arm on my visit and said you need to see a doctor. So after visiting Miracle, I googled the closest emergency room and took off to get what I thought was a prescription for antibiotics. It is Easter Sunday, and believe it or not, the emergency room was full. They took one look at my hand and arm, and admitted me. I spent Sunday day and night in the hospital, had some kind of hand surgery, and upon release shot to visit Miracle on Monday morning.

She has shown improvement. Not much, but enough to have hope. Not bad from a dog they wanted to put down though. They brought her out to me. Watching her lift her head to try to get up when I left the room was amazing. I had hope.

Next day she is on her feet. This girl wants to survive!! I spent the next few days between the police dept. and SPCA and found out way more between the two about bureaucracy than I care to know. In the mean time, my neighbor told me she had originally got suspicious because she saw him digging in his yard. He doesn't plant flowers. Come to find out later, his girlfriend said, that yes, it was the puppy's grave. So....this man was actually going to bury her. She wasn't dead when I ran over. Not by a long-shot. Turns out she had a lot of fight in her.

A couple of days rest, a great rescue and foster home, this gal has a lot to live for. She has more love in her than most folks I've met. She has forgiven and moved on. I hope you get a chance to meet her one day. She will strike a chord deep in your soul about forgiveness, and love. She has turned out to truly be a miracle. God Bless you sweet pup."
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See more pictures from her journey at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/
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Apr 14, 2015
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thank you for your caring heart ....  you are truly an awesome person
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Nov 1, 2015