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Will Matt Lauer beat Ellen in completing the JDRF #eggcrackchallenge
MSNBC just nominated some very important people on The Today Show this morning including Matt Lauer to complete the JDRF Egg Crack Challenge. One of the goals since day one of this challenge has been for Ellen to complete it and get the right message out. Please help spread the word! Ellen has been nominated by many so far! We have to get the message to her! :)
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Dear Ellen,
My son Max was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes mellitus this past July 28, 2014.  Friday will be his ninth birthday.   He has learned to test his own blood glucose, program his CGM (continuous glucose monitor), and self administer his insulin injections.  He is a very brave boy and I am proud of all he has accomplished in learning about and managing this deadly disease.
Max often feels very alone in his diagnosis.  He is hard on himself and wishes that he could die and come back with a new pancreas, one that works right instead of the broken one he has. (His words) He feels sometimes that his friends don't understand, and that life is not fair to him.  It's not. Who is it fair to?
To Max, his brother Sam, our family, diabetes is a part of our life every day that never goes away.  I watched this summer while coping with my son's new diagnosis hundreds plus people dump water over their heads for a very worthy cause.  Ellen, I implore you on behalf of my darling sweet boy Max, to complete the egg crack challenge to bring awareness to Type 1 and other forms of diabetes.  Your influence and kindness would really make the difference, especially to young fans afflicted with this condition.  For Max to see the support would mean the world to helping him feel supported.
Thank you so much for everything you do.  We love you and are grateful for your positivity!
Ann, Max and Sam Grant
Walpole, MA
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Apr 1, 2015
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I have had this disease since I was 2.  Diagnosed in 1987.  I am now 30 with a family of my own.  It is not easy but please tell your little boy that he is special and deserves a good life.  They had diabetic day camps and week camps that helped me connect with other Type 1 diabetic kids and help to not feel different.  He may like that.  His family and some good friends will be the best support system he will have and you all will get through it together.  :)