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Kristens Spiritual Journey (with stage IV breast cancer)
Here is your 1st testament to courage and will power. The power to believe miracles and can and will happen if you believe. Enjoy.
April 2009 my girlfriend had a mastectomy tumor was 11.5cm huge. Stage iv right out of the gate. she went through all the chemo and radiation trying to either slow growth or kill the breast cancer. Dr. then told Kristen that she would not live a year. Now here comes the 1st eye opener that something is about to happen. My oldest daughter katlyn and I are taking a nap in my recliner. Katlyn from dead sleep wakes up and starts shaking me daddy wake up look. "look at the front door daddy". I look and I about come out of my skin. Katlyn's happy it's Grandma daddy it's grandma. katlyn's grandma passed away 4 years before she was born. How in the hell did she know who she was. I was able to get a picture and you can clearly see what looks like wigs by her shoulders. Okay now, 2 years pass by Kristen has had struggle after struggle but she has already beat the odds. November 2011 Kristen is helping katlyn up the escalators at the hospital. #2. I have never passed out. I was walking down our hallway and I wake up in a private room in hospital. They said I took a horrible fall and split my head open. Kristen is coming up escalators at hospital helping Katlyn. they get to end and Kristen try's to pick katlyn up over the ridge and SNAP. She broke her left humorous bone right in half. (upper arm bone between elbow and shoulder HUGE bone). They go ahead and sign me out to go be with her. She has a tumor that grew to the size that it blew the bone apart. She got it all fixed with titanium rod and new bone. a pet scan showed tumors on 17 bones, 5 tumors on liver 1 tumor in lung and 2 on skull. Holy shit right. this woman has fought so hard and now this. It was a miracle how all this transpired and where she was at when her arm broke in half. Kristen was told again well I am sorry but you can't overcome this much trauma. You will die 6 months maybe year. Kristen being Kristen said all of you go FU$$ yourself. She had chemo and radiation at same time. She said bring the rain and the Dr's did. She went the ablation on 3 tumors on her liver. they stuck a rod and thru center of tumor and fryed it. She said never again. Had drain tubes and cooling tubes going to her liver and galdbladder. What do you know Kristen said Fu$$ you and she meant it. She beat it back down. She went on maintenance chemo for about the next 8 months. Changed chemo drugs cause pet scan show a llot of uptake going on. $13,000 a month for this pill. Afinitor. Kristen kept saying something's not right. she changed oncologist. he stopped the new drugs and we talked about a full hysterectomy. Get rid of estrogen. She had sugary only found 1 small tumor on her tube. recovering very well she is sent for mammogram on right Breast. DAMN more bad news 3 spots. this is a new and different kind of cancer. She is scheduled for the mastectomy. Everything went perfectly. Now #3. we are in april 2014. One morning our youngest daughter comes to me in the morning while getting ready for school and says daddy "grandma woke me up last night and talked to me". "She told me not to be afraid and she loves so very much". "grandma why are you here, grandma told me that she will have to take mommy home soon". Then she was gone. 1 week later which was EXACTLY her 5 year mark we got the worst news you could get. Pancreas, liver, lungs, kidney and 4 tumors in brain. Kristen looked at the dr. and said my journey is over. There was not a dry in there. We all knew what she went through to live this far. Dr snatched her up and they both had a moment together. He said I will never forget you. I will talk about you. teach others how to survive when everyone saying you can't. We left had a pitty party at IHOP. Quietest meal I have eaten. 1 week later she is starting WHOLE brain radiation, radiating 2 tumors on her neck 1 on the hip and 1 on femur. #4 Abigail comes home from school and in her room broad daylight is grandma. Abigail tells me to not worry it is not time for mommy to go to heaven. Abigail she kissed her on cheek then poof gone. I took Kristen to her dads she was declining pretty fast. once again dr's saying she won't make it through the night. FU^^ you. She not only made it through the night but she made it through the whole treatment. Sorry folks but I WILL NOT stick my head in a microwave for 10 minutes every day. July is when her passing was predicted. She took a cross country road trip with her dad starting 1st June for 2 weeks. I didn't think I was going to see her alive. She came back healthy. July is now here. Kristen looks gr8.. FU%% YOU!!! July is gone. Ok August. FU&& YOU yet again. #5 Her family is over eating dinner in September. The 2 girls are running up and down the hall and dinning room. They stop and it's silent. Abigail screams MOMMY come here MOMMY come here. Kristen goes to Abigail. Mom don't you see her. "SHE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFULEST ANGEL EVER". Kristen didn't see it but she came around the corner crying. If you remember thru this story Abigail NEVER asked for any to come see. So I asked Abigail what did she look like. She described the Angel as her mother looked when she was younger. You really have to believe. But Abigail has been moms stitch her glue. They had such a bond that could not be broken. until that day! I believe Kristen showed Abigail her soul as an Angel. She showed Abigail how beautiful and peaceful it is and THAT EVERYTHING WILL ALRIGHT!!!! Now that same week I start having major panic attacks. These I have no remember of. Funny thing is Abigail said she would tell me where grandma was and I would literally chase her around our house telling you can't have her and get out. Everyone thought I had done flipped sideways. lol. Ok now to near end.#6 Last Thursday Kristen is laying upright on couch and I sit next to her. She starts crying and saying how she misses my smell and touch and the hugs. So I pull her close and she finally falls asleep. I sit there another 30 minutes. I start to feel a chill hairs are standing up. I feel something sit right next to me. I am mad I am sad and I start crying all in what seems split second. Then I feel so much peace. I smile and I am warm. WOW. I didn't hear a voice but I felt a young girls tell me "Joe it's time for you to leave". I will save my daughter to the end. Kristen wakes up lil bit later and asks me if I was sitting next to her. I said no. she says hhmmm. I felt so warm and the dent in the couch was still there. Now after i was asked to leave i turned to go down hallway and Abigail steps out of my bedroom and asked me. "Is g'ma taking mom tonight. I replyed back crying. Abigail you know more than i do. "Daddy she is not taking mommy tonight she is just getting her ready" I wish you could have seen Abigail. I have never seen Abigail so beautiful or feel so beautiful. Our hospice nurse comes in next day and says Kristen has 2-3 days. Today is the 3rd day. She is suppose to pass today and i know it aint over but no 1 will ever guess what Kristen is doing. she said FU%K YOU i am going shopping can someone please take me. There will be a number 7 and i pray it is peace. Thank you for taking time to read my story. Please tell me your thoughts about our journey and Kristen battle so much will and POWER. inbox me or add me. Joseph J.
change.org search lower the age for breast cancer screening. or my web page on face book Kristen's True Will Power click the link
Thank you
\Joe Jennings
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One of the best articles written. Please like share and sign the petition. Thank you.
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Mar 22, 2015
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I agree!  Let's sign and share.
no link to sign the petition
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Yes we need the link.
Danielle James 510 points
As a young adult with cancer, I have met many other young adult women who also have cancer. Breast cancer in younger women is becoming more and more prevalent. We have to do something. Young women are dying from this and they are way too young to be having such advanced stage cancer.
Because insurance companies are not required to cover mammograms (like they cover PAP smears and birth control), many companies require women to pay for them out of pocket.
Thank you for this petition. I have signed & shared!
Early detection is the key!
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I agree 100%  Why are pap smears covered but not mammogram?
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we can change history if everyone will stand up and fight. sign and share
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