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Genius Savant- 5 years old Ramses was writing in Hindi
He is one of only a handful of prodigious savants in the world. He is highly functional and doesn’t appear to be autistic. Ramses spoke his first word at 4 months. By age two Ramses could read, write, and speak in seven languages: Spanish, Japanese, Greek, English, Hebrew, Arabic, and Hindi. His mother recognized the first four, because she can speak them as well. She discovered Ram knew the others when he started writing strange letters. She asked him what they were, and he told her he was writing in Hebrew, Hindi and Arabic. The mother confirmed this by looking the alphabets up online. His depictions were accurate, and as far as she knows he had no previous exposure to these ancient languages. Ram is also reportedly telepathic. I witnessed a brief film of Ram and his mother. He was able to say a 38 digit number that his mother wrote on a whiteboard out of his sight. However, they were seated in the same room with the mother facing him.

I have evaluated Ram twice: January 30, 2015 and February 2, 2015. His vocabulary, reading skills, drawings and pronunciations of the seven alphabets, knowledge of the periodic table, and ability to do math were impressive. He knows some rudimentary algebra and demonstrated his grasp of the concept of square roots after I showed him just one example. He wasn’t interested in a formal telepathy experiment during our meeting, so I came up with the idea of playing “hangman.” I drew lines to represent the letters making up several words I was thinking. The first word was “cat.” He said “C” and then “cat” a few seconds later. We did a few more. Ram quickly guessed the subsequent letters and words with few mistakes.
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The story of Ram is INCREDIBLE!
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Jul 21, 2015