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Save Bavarian Ice Hockey! Bavaria Needs Your Help!
The hobby and passion of more than 150 children as well as several hundred ice hockey fans and friends is at stake. Please, please help us to save our ice hockey team!

In order to stay in the league, our ice hockey team, the Erding Gladiators, need to raise 60.000€ within the next few weeks.

This year was a very exciting season for us, after many ups and downs our team finally managed to secure their spot in the league. Unfortunately celebrations fell short since we soon after found out that the club does not have the financial means to keep the team in the league. We now need your help and support to help our team stay up.

If you love hockey, or just sports in general, or if you are just a good person, please help us save the hockey in our community.
Our club supports several youth squats, whose young players all look forward to joining the team one day.
Please help with your donation to make sure that there is a place for them to go.

The children, all the teams, their parents and friends, the whole club, the town of Erding and Bavaria are all depending on you and your support.

It’s for the children, it’s for the future, and it’s for ice hockey in general.

Please help us with your donation, any amount counts, no matter how small. Please share this with all your friends and family and help us save our team.

Should the board despite all our efforts decide against a stay in the league, the donations will of course still go to the department in order to especially support our youth.
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