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please help and donate. A home for a family fundraiser
My name is Glenda and I was born and raise in the Philippines. I have had many hardships but with the support and love from my family I was able to make something of myself. I live here now in America because of their constant support. However, my mother's side of the family was left in the province. I've worked hard to send them money at every chance I could but it's not enough for them to live a sufficient life. My mother died of cancer and no one was left to take care of my 4 siblings (4, 8, 12 and 20 year old) except for my 68 year old grandmother. My siblings don't go to school because they don't have any money and the money I do send to them is spent on food for them to get through the days.
In 2014 super typhoon Haiyan destroyed my family's home in the Philippines. The house is built out of pieces of what is left from what the typhoon has brought. Having to crawl to get in and out of what they call a home. With little food and what little supplies they have, life is extremely difficult. Making things even more difficult, the owner of the land my family has settled on is now kicking them of his land and now they have no where to go but the streets. The Philippines are a harsh place to live and my heart breaks not being able to do more for my family. I've never asked for help because I felt my family was my responsibility so I took this burden on myself but now I have to swallow my pride and ask for help for my family's sake. I want to be able to see my siblings grow up and live decent lives, with an education and a future that is bright. My goal here internet is to fundraiser enough money to buy land for them to build a house on. This land will help the settle into one place and allow my siblings to be able to build a future for themselves. A stronger house making a stronger home. A stronger home making a fighting chance. Your donation would be a life changing gesture that words wont be able express. Please help my family get a fighting chance.


Please help in anyway you can weather it's a donation or just a repost. The more people read and share the more possible it is to reach our goal
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Please help in anyway you can weather it's a donation or just a repost. The more people read and share the more possible it is to reach our goal.
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Mar 15, 2015