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Grandpa needs a (foster) home ASAP - PLEASE HELP
Grandpa is a sweet 8 year old boy who is on the kill list at his shelter.

LOS ANGELES, CA: Please help! Grandpa is a favorite at the shelter and quite urgently needs our assistance right now. He was found as a stray last month, which is how he ended up at the shelter. The staff and volunteers have been working hard to network him, but have had no luck finding Grandpa an adopter thus far. We have just learned about Grandpa's story and is the reason we are just presenting him on SSD now.

Grandpa is a gray and white pit bull mix and thought to be around 8 years old. If you have any interest in meeting Grandpa for adoption, we need you to email the shelter TONIGHT. All contact details are at the end of this post.

We've pieced together what information we could gather from various sources, and because this is a time sensitive situation this is the best we can provide right now. Grandpa is an overall friendly dog, just an older guy who needs a good home and some tender loving care. There is an apparent wound on his head and front leg, which is being treated at the shelter. The following are Grandpa's behavior notes from the shelter:

"This is a dog that is highly adoptable but may need obedience training, additional socialization, or minor behavior modification.

Stare test: Looks at evaluator but appears disinterested and looks away after a short time, may ignore evaluator.

Social Interaction: Attentive, can become easily distracted, goes off to explore and ignores evaluator.

Sensitivity: Tolerant, can touch all of body parts, accepts hug slightly avoids sensitive areas such as feet and teeth, dog has high energy and overly excitable.

Food Aggression: Eats faster but still relaxed and allows food to be taken.

Resource Guarding: Gives treat up with insistence, no aggression or defiance.

Dog-to-Dog: Dog is still controllable with moderate resistance. Dog pulls on leash hard but is not acting aggressive."

If you have any interest in Grandpa, please contact the shelter TONIGHT by emailing ccirar@animalcare.lacounty.gov or leaving a message at 661.940.4191 with ANIMAL ID# A4802509.

Grandpa is located at County of Los Angeles - Lancaster Animal Care Center. The shelter's address is 5210 West Ave I, Lancaster, CA. Their adoption hours are Monday through Thursday from 12noon to 7PM, Friday through Sunday from 10AM to 5PM.

We have a soft spot for old pitties. Please help us spread the word for Grandpa!
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