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Get this girl a car!!!
My friend wrote to your show and now I am too. This is my friend from almost birth, more like a sister, and she's been through so much hell it's unimaginable. I'm not putting anything on here but feel free to message me or whatever. Anyway, she is absolutely beautiful inside and out because no matter what happens she keeps her faith and stays so strong and always puts others before herself. Right now she is working and going to school and she really just needs a car to help her. I've seen the things you do and I figure it's about time she gets something back and she absolutely loves you so that would be beyond perfect. Please help this amazing girl make her life a little easier. Please and thank you!
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How about a job like the rest of us teenagers that have been through heck. I came on here to support a friend with a real amazing story and all I'm seeing is begging. What gives?
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May 4, 2015