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Charlie could be a Disney Superhero! :)
My little guy could inspire the world to be a happier place!

Help us Ellen! Let's spearhead a movement to create a superhero with Down's syndrome to star in the next Disney movie! I volunteer my Charlie as the hero! My thoughts on a child with Down's syndrome as a super hero in a Disney film… Why NOT create a super hero who has DS? Down's syndrome is the most common genetic condition among births -- averaging 1 in 691 births. Why not create a loving, feisty, adorable character to represent these wonderful people? People aren't terminating pregnancies over kids with Autism or some other common genetic condition… but they ARE when they get told they have a child with DS. My God, 92% of all babies with DS never get to see the light of day! My dear Charlie was one of the 10% and I'm so very grateful. People, it can do more good, than harm, don't ya think? Maybe give some hope to us ALL.... create a deeper understanding in the minds of "typical" kids of what it's like to be known as having a "defect" or stand out because you look "different"…. the world is a mighty colorful and varied place… a person with DS would be a wonderful representative of a "loving hero" --- who doesn't need that? It could open the door to a different kind of super hero, and maybe more "underdogs" could sparkle in the world of movie-making? Not all heroes look the same,ie.. blonde princesses and white superheros. A hero with DS would spread a truly inspirational message… You CAN have dreams and enjoy a fulfilling, beautiful life -- even with Down's syndrome!
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