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This Brave Little Boy is a Fighter
It breaks my heart wrighting this
As you may know Oscar's cancer is back already we dont know how much time we've got but we are crying out for help to everyone around the world in order to save our beautiful boys life

Oscar has been in Birmingham's children's hospital for the last 9 months without discharge, were on a massive rollercoaster that doesn't want to stop it's been really tough and we are still hurting now but we wont give up on our little warrior

Oscar has to be 12 month's post transplant to have another one here at Birmingham children's hospital in the uk and unfortunately he is only 4months post transplant so that means its unlikely that it would be funded by the nhs. We need to raise £500,000 to fund Oscar's treatment abroad, its impossible to do that without the help you.... you can make a difference to our sons life so please DONATE!!!

And always remember to spread awareness no child should have to go through this
Many thanks Jay x
Donation link on FB
Credits: Jamie Lee / FB
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