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Wearing a Uniform and Sporting His Classic Stache.
Since before he could speak, Zack has wanted this more than any of us. It’s in his guts, and there’s no denying it. Zack, at his core, is a cop. From his mustache, to his room decor, to his clothing, to his love for donuts and coffee. Everything about Zack, is “cop”. The only thing holding him back, was his disability.

Tonight, Zack joined the family. Thanks to the Morton Police Department, and the Morton Auxiliary Police Department, Zack’s life was made. He was sworn in as an Honorary Auxiliary Police Officer in the Village of Morton.

You may see Zack riding shotgun in a squad or golf cart for a parade or detail during the Pumpkin Fest. Make sure you say hi. He’ll be in his happy place, wearing a uniform and sporting his classic stache.
Credits: Nick Michael
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